24 – 06 – 2020

Words by Caitlyn & Emma-Kate

four of four

A Social Media Series

“Alright stop, 
collaborate and listen!”

 You can’t tell us that you didn’t read that in Vanilla Ice’s voice.

When it comes to building an account on social media, one of the most powerful tools we can use is the power of collaboration. This means coming together and working as a team to produce incredible results!

Great things happen when brands unite to create something special. Collaboration is a positive tool to bring additional exposure and growth to your social media accounts! It creates a space where new relationships can be formed, builds trust, curates an environment of innovation, and is a great way to learn from others.


There are many avenues within collaboration that brands can take to ensure that the partnership is equally beneficial for all parties involved. It’s important to hear each other out and see what everyone would like to achieve through working together. It’s good to adopt the mindset of “we all need to win!”

Collaborating with the right brands will also connect you with customers within your target market that you may have not reached before your partnership. Before you start working with other brands, make sure that they align with your vibe and style to make sure that your project looks and feels authentic and true to your brand. Don’t wait to be approached, reach out to other business owners who you would like to be associated with, and propose a collaboration. You never know ~ they might just say yes!


Here are some tips, tricks, and suggestions to run an effective collaboration:

  1. Join forced with brands who are in a similar field as you, and work together instead of competing with each other.
  2. Run a giveaway where entrants have to follow all parties involved. This is a super helpful way to gain some following! (Just ensure that there aren’t too many parties involved. The list can sometimes get a bit too long.)
  3. Work alongside someone who is an influencer and get them to do a review of your products!
  4. Ensure that you and all parties involved are all benefitting from the collaboration.
  5. Create a collaboration piece with a brand! Bring your skills together to create something beautiful.
  6. Propose & pitch your collaboration well. It’s always good to go into a collaboration knowing what you want to achieve, and be clear about it with the brands you are working with.


One way we love to collaborate with brands is to help remove the pressure of them having to handle their social media, and give them the freedom of growing their brand to where it needs to be! We are all about working together to achieve the best results. 

As Conceptual Creatives, we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your social media accounts. Collaboration with a team of people who want to take your brand’s online presence to new heights. We collaborate with you to curate authentic social media content that expresses the core of who you are. Social media can be a lot to handle, especially when running collaborations with brands. 


We hope you have found this post helpful! Why not brainstorm a collaboration idea and give it a go? The worst thing that could happen is someone could say no, and then it’s the perfect opportunity to learn and try again!


All our love,

The Conceptual Team