16 – 09 – 2019

Words by Caitlyn Lynch

nifty jo


A new venture for us

Checklists. We really love checklists.

Checklists and planning and really great design.

We’re those people that have notebook after notebook and planner after planner (half-filled) in a draw somewhere. If you aren’t one of us then you definitely know someone who is. It’s just really hard to find ‘the one’.  Some pages are too thin (or too thick), there’s not enough space (or there’s too much) and wait, this one doesn’t even come with stickers? Life is too short not to find your match.

So, we decided to create the tools we’ve always wanted so that our daily checklists, weekly plans and monthly reminders are beautiful to look at and great to use too. So that the ‘planner’ in us is satisfied. Why not give that to you too?

All that was left to do was start and so Nifty Jo was born, a brand grown from Conceptual Creatives. With that, we share the desire to bring value to lives with refined, authentic and impactful design. The pages will be just right; not too thin, not too thick, there will be just enough space and of course, there will be stickers. We will help you find ‘the one’ over and over again. From your desk planner to your wall calendar. From your Christmas cards to your go-to gift place.

Our goal:

To create something that we can hold and use until there’s no space left.

That’s the dream. That’s Nifty Jo.

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