website collatoral client Nuua service Website + Design Collateral short rationale We created a clean and easy to use website that aligned with Nuua’s brand to extend a friendly welcome and encourage users to take the extra step towards better health. As well...

The Little Foodie

Logo Development final logo + collatoral Brand ID + collatoral photography website client The Little Foodie service Branding + ecommerce website + social media content short rationale From the voice to the basic imagery the brand speaks to ease the process and extends...


Digital design  Brand Collatoral client Aura Interior & Decor service Collatoral Design short rationale An already existing brand in need of extending its brand communication into their shopping and delivery experience. Using their brand assets we were able to...

Stories Entry

the story moodboard bottle design client Stories Studio service Competition Entry short rationale Strories Studio called for entries to their Rosè Competition which entailed designing a Rosè label that felt like the summertime. We couldn’t resist and made three...


client Oksijen service Website Design short rationale We created a showcase website that exhibits Oksijen’s previous work. Paired with an extensive e-commerce shop that shows off their wide range of traditional cultural pieces. share previous next services      ...