09 – 06 – 2020

Words by Caitlyn & Emma-Kate

three of four

A Social Media Series

We have covered the importance of having social media, how to clearly communicate your brand’s values, and the importance of planning ~ so what’s next?

Curating an online presence is one thing, but how do you build your brand’s social media to become a force to be reckoned with? It may not be as easy as 1 2 3 but there are a few simple steps to creating healthy habits that create a strong, authentic, and growing presence. There is no universal formula for growth, and while planning and creating content will get the ball rolling, engagement is going to accelerate the growth of your community (i.e. all the people you need to build you up!)


You may have a successful Instagram page with tons of followers, but if you aren’t reaching out to the occasional olive branch, your page will start to feel like it is missing something! Even if your brand is focused on looking sleek and professional, there is a human element to social media that helps accounts thrive. 


Utilising each of these simple functions will help let people know that you’re not only present on your brand’s page but that there are actual people behind it all, that care! Your potential and current consumers want to feel like they know you, can rely on you, and are a part of the team. You can’t build this trust or community if you aren’t communicating on a smaller and individual level than just your posts. Each person wants to feel heard and be soon and it’s as easy as;






Too simple? We don’t think so!



Use that little heart button to your heart’s content! Double-tap on posts that you are tagged in, posts of those who are in the same industry, and those of your customers. Liking is a simple way of keeping your brand at the back of people’s minds and in their notifications.



Comment on content that you see on your timeline. Keep it short, encouraging, and fun! Commenting is a great way to interact with other brands and clients showing them your support and interest. It may seem simple, but a short and sweet, “We adore this beautiful photo!” can go a very long way.



Respond to all your messages and comments (except spam, we are not here for spam!) When someone pops you a message regarding your products or services, make sure to shoot one back. There is a not-so-nice feeling that comes about when you reach out to a brand that you have supported, and they leave questions unanswered or praise unappreciated. Make sure you are keeping your genuine connections alive with responding and reacting to tags, comments, and messages. Also, check your requests (they’re easy to miss, we know!).


Engagement takes work, but it’s work that’s worth investing your time into. Dedicate time every day to engaging with the people on your feed. A daily dedication to this means you keep ahead of the algorithm while building the reach of your brand!

Like, comment & respond.